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We welcome you on kennel site "Lion Heart"!

Our kennel is in Is central - the Chernozem region of Russia in 500 kilometers from Moscow in the Ramonsky region of the Voronezh region on the bank of the picturesque river Voronezh. We are engaged in breed cultivation the Tibetan Mastiff, only pure Chinese blood. All dogs are delivered from the provinces of China from eminent nurseries. The made experiments showed that crossing europien and Chinese doesn't bring what good results. Therefore in our nursery you will meet only thoroughbred Tibetan Mastiffs of various Chinese lines.

The Tibetan mastiff – one of the most ancient and mythical breeds of dog who totals more than 5000 years and is the progenitress of all nowadays existing молоссов. The mention of it exists even in wedge-shaped writing, and it is possible to see the image of this dog on Ninevy taken from under ruins and Babylon reliefs. Mesopotamic молоссов the Indian tsar presented in gift to Alexander the Great.

The Tibetan mastiff occurred from the Tibetan black wolf. In inheritance from the primogenitor the first Tibetan mastiffs got rather massive sizes of a body, a fluffy tail, a powerful underfur, a magnificent scent and extreme ferocity. Exactly the last quality allowed ancient representatives of this breed to enter deadly fight with the lions, arranged by Phoenician hunters, and to come out winners in battles with the svirepeyshy gladiators who were pride of the Roman Colosseum.

Throughout many centuries with this unique breed which representatives became ancestors practically all breeds known nowadays dogoobrazny, long and continuous work was conducted. Thanks to continued work of the whole generations of factory owners it was succeeded to reach the main thing - the furious and aggressive individualist turned into the devoted and fearless defender of the person.

If you love large breeds of dog and your choice stopped on the Tibetan Mastiff, it is necessary to consider features of use of these dogs and their working qualities.The Tibetan Mastiff will be best of all to feel in a country house - a big site where it could move freely, and regular walks - that is necessary for it, and dense wool allows not to notice neither heat, nor an icy cold. The Tibetan mastiffs mature late - dogs by 4 years, and a bough in 2-3 years. Therefore the owner has to consider this feature of breed and know that in 2 years his future terrible watchman still "child" and not to demand from a dog of the impossible. At a bough there is only one techka in a year.

Breed differs enviable health and longevity. Life expectancy of the Tibetan mastiffs can reach 16 years.

The kennel "Lion Heart" with pride is ready to present to you the pets. You wish to see all our pets? The section Gallery is filled with bright photos on which the Tibetan mastiff is presented in all the beauty. On pages of the Guest book you learn about the most important nuances of the contents and you will be able to set a set of questions interesting you.

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